Johnny Cash is Singing in My Head

“I’ve been everywhere, man!”

Everyone knows that song, right? If not, check it out on YouTube. Pretty amazing.
The reason it is currently in my head is because the DH and I are planning retirement already.

I know, I know. When you’re only twenty-nine, you shouldn’t worry your pretty little head about that sort of thing, but still, I do. I have a strange ying-yang personality type: either I’m detailing a plan to the very smallest option if it’s something I can handle or I’m throwing fate to the wind because I’m very impatient and don’t want to face the fact that I don’t know how to get the answers.

So for this particular plan, I’m not thinking “How are we going to handle our money?” or “What about this, that and the other thing?” (“This, that and the other” are “insurance”, “income” and “will we be at each other’s throats after two months?”) No, I’m thinking “Where are we going to go first when we become full-time RVers?”

Hence, the song. I got to thinking about where David and I have already been, and I found a map that allows you to fill in the places you’ve visited. I have one for the US, one for Canada and one for Mexico. I’m pretty glad to have seen all these places, but heck, I wanna go back and see more. I’m a gypsy at heart, and fortunately, I married a kindred spirit!

canada map