Not Usually My Thing But…

I’m an okay cook. Not terrible, just “okay”.  I can heat canned soup and add a little delicious something to it to make it more palatable, and if pressed I will make stuff from scratch, such as pasta sauce or frittata.

We won’t even talk about baking. My mom was an excellent baker; I’m completely undisciplined about it which makes me a lousy baker.

One thing I will spend time cooking is anything with a Mexican flavor. I don’t know if it’s because of my Texan father’s affinity for it has developed my own tastes buds for it or if I’m influenced by my own experience of driving to southern Mexico to participate in a body recovery of a caver in Oaxaca, but I simply love the flavors of Mexican cuisine.

So when Karen Docter asked me to guest post a blog on her site I immediately thought of a recipe for her “Karen’s Killer Fixin’s” feature. It’s called Mexican Stuffed Shells, a recipe I swiped from Pinterest. It’s absolutely delicious. I recommend going over to Karen’s website to pick it up. And while you’re there, check out other recipes she’s gathered. Some of them look soooo tasty!

Oh, and one lucky commentator on my guest post will get a $10 Amazon gift card. Go on over there. Catch up on The High Bridge and enter to win the prize!

Adios, amigos & amigas! 🙂

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