Where The Writing Gets Juicy

To prelude this post, I have to say at this point that in high school and college I was the girl who avoided the drama. I got suckered in once where a friend had broken up with her boyfriend and confided in me that she might be preggers. I was appalled and worried for her so when she asked me to go find the guy (who can remember what this guy’s name is/was? He was one of her many  boyfriends!), like a good friend I searched the neighborhood until I found the guy and hinted that this wasn’t a good time to break up with “Cynthia” (not her real name). And guess what? No, she wasn’t preggers. And she knew it. Imagine how pissed I was when I realized that she was using me and him and this possible pregnancy to get back at this guy for breaking up with her.

After that I was careful not to get involved in shady relationships, not just with this particular person but with anyone who wanted me to do his/her dirty work.

It was also pretty clear to me that sex drama is pointless. Yes, I love sex and I love to have fun, but to use your body as a tool to get your way, even if getting your way is simply having someone else give you an orgasm, just seems like such useless bullshit.

I think that’s where I go awry with so much romance. Gratuitous sex doesn’t even begin to label the shit that irritates me. Mostly it’s the excuses that a writer throws in to make it seem like a nothing romp. Like using another individual like he or she is a kitchen appliance is excusable because it gets the job done. You can toss out a whisk if one of the tines is bent or sharpen a knife if it gets dull. But what about with a human? Can we consider each other disposable or changeable if the other doesn’t suit our need any longer? Is it okay because we know the other is using us as much as we are using them? Is a hot screwing worth disregard for attachment and emotion?

Apparently so, because graphic sex sells. Even if the two engaging in it only have a passing fancy for one another, the sex starts somewhere towards the beginning, hits again towards the middle and at least once more towards the end.

Guilty as charged, although The High Bridge has only one sex scene and that’s towards the end. Yes, the reader knows by then that the couple love each other although they haven’t confessed it to one another yet,  but the two have a hot love scene right before they get the shocks of their lives. Because of this massive scary shock, they don’t get a chance to say their “I love yous” until right before the HEA (HEA=Happily Ever After, for those outside the “industry”.) Really it’s kinda silly and I’m slightly ashamed, although I justified it in my head because they do love each other.

Still… I missed it. There should have been an “I love you” except then . . . the end of the story wouldn’t work.

But at least my character Sandra didn’t tell him she’s pregnant. Monty was saved from that drama!

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