For Sale: My Life and Soul – My Blood and Guts – My Ultimate Rapture

Okay, so I’m not being literal. On Saturday, The High Bridge goes on sale as an eBook on Passion In Print Press. (Print ISBN# 978-1-60820-655-1 ebook format ISBN#978-1-60820-670-4) and it’s just a book, okay?

Never mind the hours and hours in a cheap office chair at my 5-year-old computer, pounding at a keyboard.

Spare no pity on my poor, neglected husband who gets to field out-of-the-blue questions like “Hey Mr. Registered Nurse, can you administer welding oxygen to someone who is suffering from altitude sickness? Is it the same oxygen?” as we’re driving out of town to go on vacation.

Don’t even think about sleepless nights, awake until 2am because I’m on a roll and just can’t stop typing.

Those were the easy parts, frankly. I enjoyed all that because it was related to the act of creating. Even the editing phase wasn’t that bad.

A month in conception, two years of pregnancy, and now the pain of birth.

This is the hard part – convincing others that they’ll enjoy the time they spend with my little baby. I mean, I know it’s a good book. Sandra is a strong female who is not afraid to go after what she wants and feels is right. Monty is a reluctant knight in shining armor who can’t help himself. The demon…? Well, the demon is a demon. The beautiful mountains. Fantastic history. A cool off-road adventure. What’s not to love?

I hope you have the opportunity to find out and ultimately agree with me. 😉

Update: it went up early! Passion In Print Press is currently offering The High Bridge. Woot!

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