Oh, neglectful, neglectful!

I have been a naughty, naughty blogger/author! I missed promoting my fellow authors on the Mystic Month of May blog hop! Shame on me! So far, Jessica Aspen has written about her novella Little Red Riding Wolf on Helen Hardt’s blog,  Hillary Seidl explained on Jessica’s blog about going her own way in life and in writing, and J.L. Bowen shares on Hillary’s site some great background about why May is considered mystic. Gotta love history!

As with most people (emphasis on “most”), I actually have a life. In this particular case, I’ve got a book coming out on May 19th (which requires my time for edits, final edits, proof galley edits and most of all PROMOS!), I’m working out the kinks in my relationship with my husband (because the horrible side of the world seems to be picking on both of us at the same time), I have a new job in a place I love (although the lack of assistance is a bit tiring – okay EXHAUSTING!), and I had house guests (while I also had to be at work).

Needless to say, I’m in bed by eight, have read myself to sleep by nine wherein my husband has to take the book out of my unresisting hand, remove my glasses from my face and turn off my reading light, all unbeknowst to me.

Also, on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Elizabeth.Haysmont.Author I usually post a graphic with a favorite quote, each themed for the day of the week, like Fridays which is always a happiness quote (cuz yeah, I’m always happy on Friday!) Haven’t done that for a few days now. Again, Life got in the way.

So I highly recommend spending time with the other authors of the blog hop while I catch up on my sleep. Believe me, we’ll both be better for the experience!

Keep the shiny side up!

Elizabeth H

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