Now is the month of Maying…♫♪


During the Renaissance, “maying” was code for making whoopie, such as in the Thomas Morley song “Now Is The Month of Maying” where the title line (first line in the song) is followed by “Where merry lads are playing.”

Well, I’m not a lad and publicly I won’t be making whoopie (no matter how merry I’m feeling!), but I will be participating in the Colorado Romance Writers Mystic Month of May blog hop. Even though I’m having my own little contest starting on May 20th (where you can win an mp3 player or other fantastic prizes), the Mystic Month of May blog hop is going to have lots of prizes including gift cards from Barnes & Nobles!  With all the fantastic writers participating, I have the extraordinary luck of having HOLLEY TRENT on my May 30th blog and being hosted by the fabulous Helen Hardt on the 31st! Every comment you make on all the hop participants equals an entry into the drawing at the end of the month. Go to for a complete list of hop stops! 🙂

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