Oh Brave New World! Which Has Such People In It!

Well… what can I say?  The High Bridge is going to be published by Passion In Print Press. I’ve shared the cover which looks great. The release day is set for May 19th. I’ll let you know if it changes, k?

(Yeah, ya think?)

The content editing process was interesting. I had an writing-world acquaintance speculate to another acquaintance about how I would do in the editing phase of things. I don’t think I was that bad. Apart from the fact that my writing has grown so much in the past year, I think the difference in accepting PIP’s edits is that my editor “got me”, whereas the acquaintance didn’t read my genre. Hell, the acquaintance probably shut my book when it came to the graphic sex whereas my editor made an encouraging comment that she too found men with ‘natural muscles’ to be much sexier than ‘gym produced muscles’.

My editor “gets me” and where my writing is coming from, and I don’t know how to express my gratitude for that. My editor didn’t chide me for much of anything except the order of one of the scenes and the strength of my hero development writing-wise. And they weren’t chides as much as they were … challenges. She also got me out of my funk about a sequel, giving me a wonderful idea on how to proceed. I’ll let you know how that proceeds, k?

(Yeah, ya think?)

All in all I’m very pleased with this project. It’s a good story, wonderful characters, fantastic chemistry and a marvelous ending. I hope you all enjoy it the same as I did writing it… except for, you know, the tears and the 3am typing madness and all that stuff.

The High Bridge by Elizabeth Haysmont, Passion In Print Press, May 19th

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