Blogs and Blogging Advice

As a writer, I’ve gotten all sorts of advice about craft technique and craft purpose, much of it contradictory. I’ve even been told to stay away from taking too many writing classes because it can kill the creative process. This last bit of advice left an afterburn in my mind’s eye of my muse collapsing while clutching a wound inflicted by a gun-wielding course syllabus.

I have been told to write in an “F” because it mirrors the attention span of today’s reader. I guess that’s why this paragraph is shorter than the first.

One more bit of code was to write in one tone words. It’s hard to write like that. I like long words. You know. Words with more than a single syllable.

To get to my point, I’ll just say this: I write what makes me feel good, whether it’s rich humor or snide op-ed pieces or a grand adventure with a stubborn woman, a compassionate man, trapped spirits and an evil demon. Then I fix it to make certain you feel good about it too.Image

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